Firearm Licensing Authority

The Firearm Licensing Authority has as its mandate the accomplishment of the following objectives:

* The maintenance of integrity, transparency, accountability and objectivity throughout the process of the issuance of firearm licences .
* The ensuring of an efficient professional, rigorous and timely procedure for the application and issuing of Firearm Licences and the review in instances where licences are refused or revoked .
* The conduct of regular audits and security reviews of clubs, private security companies, facilities, private gun licence holders and their weapons .
* The development and maintenance of an inventory of all licences issued to private citizens and security firms combining information on both the firearm holder and the weapon .
* The utilization of modern technology to capture for inclusion within an electronic database, the initial ballistic signature of new weapons as well as to undertake the regular testing of weapons .
* The collection and accounting for fees payable in relation to the granting of new Licences and Permits and for the renewal of existing Licences and Permits.

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