EXED School of Nursing Programme

The School of Nursing formerly the Nursing Department was one of the first four departments of the Excelsior Community College when it began it’s official sojourn in September 1974 . The idea was to offer an associate degree programme with a bias towards school nursing, this however was met with resistance from certain quarters. What eventually materialized was a programme offering a diploma in Nursing with a focus on school health.  Incorporated in the curriculum was liberal arts and science and provisions for extensive training in community health.

Excelsior Community College School of Nursing (ECCSON) was the first of its kind in Jamaica, preparing prospective nurses in a community college setting. Enrollees had full students status unlike the traditional Nursing Schools that were operating under the apprenticeship system. The funding of EXED School of Nursing was managed under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education, while the others were prodigies of the Ministry of Health, except for Andrews School of Nursing which was a private entrepreneurial activity.

In 1985 the school encountered a setback due to financial difficulty resulting in its closure transiently. The Ministry of Health was approached for assistance to ensure that the current batch of students graduated. In good faith and after a feasibility study by their task force to justify viability, the Ministry of Health came to the nursing school’s rescue.

The Nursing Program has grown tremendously over the the past twenty two years. The success rate of our our students in the Regional Examinations for Registered Nurses (RENR) has consistently exceeded the ninety fifth percentile standard. Many students have qualified for the Gertrude Swaby honour roll. They have also participated in the student nurse of the year competition, and awarded second place on numerous occasions.

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