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The Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) has presented Government with the results of its research on a new social partnership for Jamaica.
The report was presented yesterday to Prime Minister Bruce Golding, by the President of CAPRI, John Rapley, when he met with Mr. Golding at Jamaica House.
Explaining the background to the research, Mr. Rapley said that Social Partnership is an approach to governance and policy making where Government and social partners work together to discuss a range of social and economic issues and to reach a consensus on policy.
Social Partnership has emerged as a means for countries to cope with harsh economic circumstances. This report explores the causes for previous failure and possible strategies for a successful social partnership in Jamaica.
The report presents the insights offered by consultations on the key elements for a successful ‘home-grown’ Social Partnership Agreement in Jamaica.
The goal of the consultations was to determine if a Social Partnership was a feasible and desirable exercise for Jamaica to engage in at this time, and if so, what the conditions of a successful partnership would be.

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