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Prime Minister Bruce Golding, is of the view that cricket is the only part of our colonial heritage that has never been questioned or challenged even in the most vigorous period of anti-colonial fervour and even by the most anti-colonialists.
“It is more than just a game. It is something that first brought us international recognition long before reggae, Garvey, tourism and even the Helsinki Olympics, where Jamaica gained the first of the region’s medals”, he said.
Mr. Golding was speaking last night (Feb 5) at Kings House, at the launch of the historical book, Jamaica at the Wicket, written by Arnold Bertram. He congratulated Mr. Bertram saying that the work demonstrated the links between the game and leadership in the Caribbean and also the role of cricket on the experience of people in the region.
“Almost always, cricket has been set in a historical context. He (Mr. Bertram) has been able to divert our attention from the game to issues of governance and management. We have too long made the mistake of seeing it as a diversion”, the Prime Minister said.
Mr. Golding noted that sports writers have in the past focussed on teams and individual players – and others have traced the impact of cricket on our social and political development. What has not been taken on with as much energy and scholarship, Mr. Golding said, is the role and impact that cricket has played on the experience and development of individual Caribbean countries. He said this is where Arnold ‘Scree’ Bertram has scored points.
“He has had a lifetime love of the game and is qualified to do so as a former sports journalist himself”, Mr. Golding said.
“As a political historian and an analyst of political events and development set in a historical context, he has contributed significantly to our understanding of how and why some things happen because of his broad intellectual reach. He has succeeded in directing our attention to the game and how it relates to our social and political struggle”, Mr. Golding said.
Mr. Bertram in his address, expressed appreciation for the support given by CHASE fund in helping him make the book a reality. He made presentations of ‘Jamaica at the Wicket’, to several persons who played a pivotal role in getting the book published. Among those receiving copies were the wife of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Lorna Golding, CEO of CHASE, Billy Heaven, his friend Tony Williamson, Dr Carlton Davis and son of West Indian cricket icon George Headley, Lindley Headley, the Jamaica Cricket Association and the Jamaica Library Association.

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