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Glenmuir High School in Clarendon has once again copped the Marcus Garvey Award for Excellence in the 2009 Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC) Performing Arts competition.
The institution racked up more that 50 medals and several trophies at the parish and national levels of the competition to gain their second hold on the prestigious award, which they first won in 2008.
At the award ceremony, held on October 15 at the Rex Nettleford Hall in Kingston, other awards were presented to outstanding schools/performing groups in the areas of music, drama, speech, traditional folk forms and dance.
Head Boy at Glenmuir High School, O’Ren Thomas, told JIS News that the school’s success was due to the efforts of the dedicated teachers, who worked hard to prepare the students for the competition.
“It speaks volumes to the work that we have been doing over the years, with regards to the performing arts. We have students, who maintain high standards that have been set over the years, and we endeavour to maintain the high standards that we have set,” he stated.
The Kingston-based Ardenne High School copped the awards for Music and Drama, while Norwich Primary in Portland won the award for Speech.
The Dance award went to Ascot High in St. Catherine, while the Tivoli Dance ensemble from Kingston was named the most outstanding studio group. Green Island High in Hanover claimed the award for Traditional Folk Forms.
The winner of the Marcus Garvey Award is determined based on participation in at least three of the five areas of the National Performing Arts Competition, and a tally of points based on medals and other awards. The JCDC is currently conducting seminars and workshops island wide in preparation for next year’s competition.
Ardenne, Ascot, Green Island and St. Jago high schools were the other institutions shortlisted for the award.

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