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A number of communities in St. Elizabeth are benefitting from support from the Alpart bauxite company despite the closure of mining operations in the parish.
The company, through its Community Council, is providing more than 300,000 gallons of water per day to residents from its St. Elizabeth wells, while maintaining a number of its social programmes in education, agriculture, sports, and community development.
Alpart has embarked on an agricultural stimulus programme to help some 1,400 farmers from the company’s operating areas with basic agricultural supplies.
Participating farmers are identified for selection by Community Council representatives, who work with the Rural Agricultural Authority (RADA) to monitor and evaluate production in carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, cauliflowers, melons and other crops.
The Council has also been working in the area of education, and since August, has provided back-to-school assistance for more than 250 students; bursaries for four student teachers; and book vouchers for 70 outstanding students from 34 primary and all-age schools.
It has also assisted the Nain Police Station and a number of schools with landscaping and renovation, and recently completed the re-roofing of sections of the Lititz Basic School, and a refurbishing project at the Myersville Basic School and Community Centre.
The Alpart Community Council operates as a non government group to facilitate the sustainable development for communities in Alpart’s operating areas of South Manchester and St. Elizabeth.

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