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Attempts are being made to deepen cooperation between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands on areas of common interest, following a courtesy call on Prime Minister Bruce Golding at Jamaica House on Tuesday, April 8, by Governor of the Cayman Islands, H.E. Stuart Jack.
The meeting agreed that with two relatively new administrations in office in both countries, an opportunity has been created for renewed talks to resolve some critical issues.
During the meeting, Mr. Golding raised questions regarding the attitude towards Jamaicans living in Cayman and referred to allegations of poor treatment being meted out to Jamaican nationals. Governor Jack replied that since arriving in Cayman he has been impressed with the integration of different ethnic groups living on the island. He said any attempt to stigmatise Jamaicans has occurred in only a few cases that have made the news headlines.
Regarding the matter of work permits, Governor Jack told Mr. Golding that permit holders could not be allowed to stay for more than seven years but that many Jamaicans have been granted exemptions. He said that given Cayman’s small size, everybody could not be allowed to stay.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Dr. Hon. Kenneth Baugh who was also at the meeting, spoke of the need to share information on criminal activity occurring between the two countries. He added that the current visa arrangements between Jamaica and Cayman could help both countries keep track of criminal elements moving between the islands.
Governor Jack was accompanied at the meeting by British High Commissioner to Jamaica, H.E. Jeremy Cresswell. The Cayman Islands is a dominion of the British Government.

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