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Persons wishing to contribute to the Sisters to Sisters mediathon scheduled for this Sunday, April 13, at the Creative Production and Training Centre’s (CPTC) studios in Kingston, can call (876) 654-9688 and make their pledges.
Persons in the United States and Canada, can make their contributions through the Jamaica National Money Transfer, free of cost, on Monday and Tuesday (April 14 and 15). Those in the United Kingdom, desirous of pledging, can also use the service free on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 15 and 16). Persons can also make contributions outside of these three days.
Additionally, local citizens can offer their pledges at all Paymaster outlets islandwide, and persons who plan to write cheques, should make them payable to Sisters to Sisters.
This event is a seven-hour (1:00pm to 8:00pm) all-female fundraising concert to raise $10 million, which will go towards the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation, and to help with building shelters for battered women.
The package will include music, dance and poetry and, will be broadcast live on several local television, cable and radio stations and through the internet to the Jamaican Diaspora.
Special arrangements have been made for individuals living abroad to access the money transfer service free of charge on specific days, following the event.
The women confirmed to participate in the mediathon include: Nadine Sutherland, Etana, Queen Ifrica, Marcia Griffiths, Macka Diamond, M’lonie, Cherry Natural, Gem Myers, Pam Hall, Claudette Pious, Cherine Anderson, Dionne Silvera, Lady G, Carol Gonzalez, Tessanne Chin, Cindy Breakspeare, Suzanne Couch, Judy Mowatt, Yashemabeth, L’Acadco Dancers, Jessica Yapp, Diana King, Chevelle Franklin, Althea, Inga Stewart, Lenya Wilks, Denise Hunt, Simone Clarke-Cooper, Dahlia Harris, Elaine Wint, Jennifer ‘Jenny Jenny’ Small, Dr. Kathy Brown, Yendi Phillips, and Alaine, among others.

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