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The Government is moving to ensure that consumers have increased protection, through the merger of the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Fair Trading Commission (FTC).

Making the disclosure, Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Floyd Green, said the move is part of several measures that have been implemented to build the capacity of the CAC.

“We are looking to strengthen the capacity of the Commission with the merger, and we believe that it will give us further reach, it will give us further human resource capacity, and will ensure that more of your claims are actioned,” Mr. Green stated.

He was speaking during a virtual press briefing held recently to outline details of the Government’s compensation to motorists who were affected by the use of contaminated fuel in 2015.

The State Minister also urged consumers to utilise the services of the Agency, adding that they may do so using the CAC Jamaica App. The App, allows consumers to compare prices on their phones for products being sold across the island at businesses registered with the government agency.

The app will also send alerts of product recalls, and information on laws and regulations that govern consumer issues in Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Mr. Green informed that the CAC has an 85 per cent resolution rate, noting that over the last three years, more than $70 million has been secured for consumers whose rights had been breached at various business entities.

“Our consumers have rights and the Commission will protect those rights; we will get it done,” he said.

Mr. Green is also urging consumers to know their rights and report any breaches to the CAC.

“Make your reports. Unless we get those reports we cannot act on your claims. When your rights have been breached, make a report to the Consumer Affairs Commission,” the State Minister stressed.

The CAC has a mission to foster ethical relations between providers and consumers of goods and services in the Jamaican marketplace, while the Fair Trading Commission is tasked to improve the production or distribution of goods, so that consumers are allowed a fair share of the resulting benefit.

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