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Members of the St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation will undertake two weeks of motivational talks in schools across the parish, from November 2 to 13, to help children stay away from drugs.
“It is aimed at character building and career guidance for our students in the parish. It will end on November 13 with a Students Day at Munro College,” Vice President of the Foundation, Mr. Fitzgerald Rowe, told JIS News.
“Along with other persons, we will visit schools and talk with students about substance abuse and the importance of education, self-discipline, motivation and experience sharing,” he said.
He pointed out that based on research done by professionals, and the known challenges in communities across the island associated with drug use by adults, it is critical that children learn and are reminded of the negative effects of drug use.
“We believe that it is important that we engage our students on the issue of substance abuse. Addressing it will make the students and the education system function in the interest of children. We will give them information on the danger of drugs, and hope that they will learn and stay away from drugs,” Mr. Rowe said.
During the month of November, the Foundation will stage its Homecoming Week of activities, where the achievements of the parish will be showcased.

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