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A preservation plan, which is being developed by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) to identify sensitive archaeological areas at the Seville Heritage Park in St. Ann, is nearing completion.
Government has allocated some $59 million under the Tourism Enhancement Fund to restore certain aspects of the Heritage Park.
“The preservation plan is almost at its completion stage and it will form the blueprint for any development at the Heritage Park,” said Executive Director of the JNHT, Laleta Davis-Mattis, at a recent Think Tank held at the agency’s head office in Kingston.
She said that it is important for the JNHT or potential investors to know the location of sensitive areas on the 300-acre property before embarking on developmental or restoration activities.
“Depending on the nature of the investment, we will have to be in a position to determine where on the property it goes,” she pointed out.
“If investment is going to come into Seville then we need to set the framework. We need to set a foundation that would attract the investment, so that is what we are doing,” she added, noting that restoration work will take place on land and marine locations.
Already, a number of projects are being undertaken at the site, including the mounting of a historical exhibition at the great house, and the transformation of the courthouse and overseer building into a coffee shop and restaurant, respectively.
Mrs. Davis-Mattis told JIS News that the Spanish-Jamaican Foundation, through Spanish Ambassador to Jamaica, His Excellency Jesus Silva, has been instrumental in assisting the JNHT in marketing the site.
The exhibition is being mounted by Spanish designers in collaboration with local technical personnel. “They are going to be designing the exhibition and we are going to be seeking the additional funding to have that exhibition installed,” she informed.
In the meantime, appropriate signage has been installed to identify Spanish heritage trails between St. Ann and Hanover.

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