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Late Ambassador, Hon. Keith Johnson, was today eulogized as a nation builder in the area of diplomacy and a ‘Prince of the state’.
Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, at this morning’s official funeral service at the historic St. Andrew Parish church in Kingston, said the late Ambassador “was a great man; he was a great Jamaican. He held up Jamaica in so many ways to find its feet in an international arena.”
The Prime Minister noted that Hon. Keith Johnson trained many, who followed him.
“He tried to hone our skills in the matter of diplomacy, to develop that craft, to ensure that we were sensitive to the little nuances that could make the difference between good international relations and sour relations.. He mentored many persons who actually served as diplomats.”
Mr. Golding also said that Hon. Keith Johnson set the tone for consular representation of the thousands of Jamaicans who were resident in the United States of America and the United Kingdom by the 1960s. The Prime Minister said of the former diplomat, “He established such an image and such a reputation as someone to whom the Jamaican community could turn to, and someone on whom they could rely.”
Vice Chancellor Emeritus of the University of the West Indies, Professor Rex Nettleford, said Hon. Keith Johnson was a “Prince of the State” who insisted that youth must be supported.
Professor Nettleford said, “He told me, we must educate the present generation for endurance in the 21st century.
The former Ambassador made his mark on the international scene as it is recorded that he counseled Prime Minister Hugh Shearer to offer the resolution that 1968 be declared as the International Year of Human Rights.

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