Food for the Poor Providing Relief Assistance

Food For The Poor (FFP) is working with the St. Catherine Parish Disaster Committee to assist scores of families, including more than 300 children housed in shelters in the parish.
Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Peralto Jr., in a statement issued yesterday (October 1) said that the organisation will be sending supplies of rice, peas, vegetarian beans, mattresses, pillows, pillow cases, newborn kits, children’s diapers and hygiene kits to the shelters in Lauriston, Butt Town, Bushy Park, Ensom City and Innswood. He said the organisation is ready to provide further assistance as needed.
“In addition, following international practice, we work with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) and first responder agencies, such as the Red Cross, to provide supplies, which they will distribute through their network to other locations where persons are in need,” Mr. Peralto said.
“We at FFP are always ready and willing to play our part in providing for those most in need among us, particularly during a time of social and emotional crisis,” he added.

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