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The Ministry of Health would like the public to pay close attention to the following food and water safety tips in light of the recent rain and flooding and the loss of electricity.
Food safety:When purchasing, preparing and storing food, pay close attention to the appearance, physical condition, taste and smell of foodAvoid tins with bulges, dents and rustRemember to wash hands with soap and water, before handling and preparing foodUse water that has been treated for the preparation of foodWater SafetyStore water in a clean containerThe lid of the container should fit tightly to prevent mosquito breedingDo not store water in containers which have stored harmful chemicals Use a clean container, with a handle, to “dip up” water from storage Use SAFE water to prevent diseases and maintain good health. Water can be made safe by treating with household bleach or by boiling.
For further information individuals may contact the Ministry of Health National Emergency Operations Centre at 366-1105, 366-1110.

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