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Officer in charge of Fire Prevention at the Manchester Fire Brigade, Livingston Morgan is encouraging all Jamaicans to implement proper fire drills, both at home and at work.
“Studies seem to indicate that the loss of life, limb and property can be reduced if persons are aware of the right steps to take once a fire starts, so my advice is to get on board and call us for information,” he said.
Mr. Morgan was speaking today (October 24), at the official launch of Fire Safety Awareness Week in Manchester, held at the Mandeville fire station.
He pointed out that the theme being used by the Jamaica Fire Brigade for this year was: ‘Fire prevention, a collective effort’.
“As part of the activities for the week, we intend to hold a series of outreach meetings in some communities along with the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) as well as visit a number of institutions,” he said.
Mr. Morgan said it was an ideal situation for each home as well as business to have a working fire extinguisher.
“This of course is not enough. One has to also make sure that persons in the building have a working knowledge of the equipment. Fire or smoke detectors should also be high on your list of priorities,” he said.

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