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Primary School in French Park, Spur Tree in Manchester, have been honoured for serving the institution for 15 to 36 years.
At a ceremony held on February 21 at the French Park New Testament Church of God, members of staff, residents of the community, and representatives of the past students association commended the retirees for their contribution to the development of the school.
Those honoured were: teachers Yvonne Marshall and Sonia Johnston, who served for 33 and 29 years, respectively; and Board members, Melva Parchment, 36 years and Clovis Brown, 15 years.
Guest speaker at the function, Principal of Porus High School, Michael Stewart said he was fortunate “to sit at the feet of the honorees as a student attending the school.”
He encouraged them to continue serving the community and be the moral force that would help to stem indiscipline in the schools and society.
“We are living in a society where values and attitudes are rapidly eroding and our education system has not being able to escape this. Our teachers who are being honoured have cultivated values that have made us wholesome human beings. Continue to be the source of inspiration for our community,” Mr. Stewart told the retirees.
Principal of Fergusson Primary, Patsline Webster lauded the honorees as builders who have made the work of the teachers easier by their personal contribution and support of fund-raising ventures.

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