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Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Senator Dwight Nelson has noted that the Government of Cuba has provided valuable assistance to the people of Jamaica under the leadership of its former president Fidel Castro.
“It cannot be ignored that the Government of Cuba has through various mechanisms, through various technological and other approaches provided invaluable aid and assistance to the development of the Jamaican society,” Senator Nelson said.
He added that Jamaica must be grateful for that support “and must recognise the approach and attitude of Mr. Castro in ensuring that Jamaica was not allowed in many areas to languish and suffer from any kind deficiencies.”
“Here is a man whose reign has been coloured by a whole kaleidoscope of attempts to destroy and end (it) and he has survived all of this to have become the longest serving head of a country in the history of the world,” he added.
Senator Nelson on Friday (Feb. 22) during the sitting of the Senate, paid tribute to the former President of Cuba who announced his resignation on Tuesday (Feb.19) via the online edition of the official communist party newspaper, ‘Granma’.
In a letter to the people of Cuba, signed by the 81-year-old leader, Mr. Castro said he would not “aspire to nor accept” the post of president of the council of state and commander-in-chief.
Meanwhile, Opposition Senator K.D. Knight also paid tribute to the former president stating that, “I had the honour and pleasure to have met with Fidel Castro as the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.on the occasions on which I visited Cuba on official business I was able to sit and talk with this man and I sat there in awe. I don’t think there is any person in the world with as much knowledge as Fidel Castro. He knows about every single thing. It was the greatest pleasure to sit and talk with this man,” Senator Knight said.
He added that Mr. Castro is “truly an international icon and so for me an icon have departed the scene as the leader of a great country and he is indeed a great man.”

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