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The town of Falmouth was the focus of activities for Labour Day in Trelawny on Monday (May 23).

Activities included beautification of the Trelawny Municipal Corporation and Falmouth Court House, Water Square and other areas of the town.

Chairman of the Trelawny Municipal Corporation and Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Colin Gager, said that in Water Square, streets were washed and walls whitewashed and painted.

Additionally, gutters and drains on all streets leading from Water Square were flushed and desilted as part of the day’s slate of activities.

“We are making sure that the town is clean; getting rid of the garbage. We are whitewashing some areas and we will be moving on from there to maintain this cleanliness,” he said, noting that itinerant vendors will be relocated from Water Square.

Mayor Gager also went to other areas of the town where cleaning and removal of garbage were being done.

He said that projects were being undertaken throughout the parish.

“All councillors are on board to make this Labour Day the best ever,” he noted.

Mayor Gager said that the Labour Day activities signal the start of beautification works in the parish for Jamaica 60.

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