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Residents of Daytona in Portmore, St. Catherine, are now able to access a main bus stop during the rainy season, following the construction of a concrete footpath, which leads from the community.

The disabled-friendly pathway was completed on May 23 as part of the Portmore Municipality’s 2022 Labour Day project.

Mayor of Portmore, His Worship Leon Thomas, said the footpath is necessary because the area is often flooded during the rainy season.

“We have a lot of physically challenged people living in Daytona, and we’ve built the bridge across [the drain], but we’re seeing them have a new challenge, because when the rain falls, the wheelchairs cannot run across the [path to the bus stop],” he said.

He pointed out that the new pathway will allow easier access for disabled residents and the elderly.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Portmore, Councillor Alrick Campbell, said the Municipality intends to “replicate such projects throughout the communities”.

“Right across Portmore, we’ve been engaging, and in some cases with Members of Parliament (MP). We’re putting bridges and footpaths along the greater Portmore corridors where persons would leave the bus stops to go over into the communities, he said.

A resident of the Daytona community, Glenford Nelson, who also volunteered to help in the pathway’s construction, said “the community needed it, because when rain falls, it tends to flood. So, this is definitely a good project for the community”.

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