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Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Hon. Daryl Vaz has committed greater efforts to support the improvement of employment benefits for the island’s tanker drivers.

The tanker drivers are restive following non-payment of salaries and the lack of health coverage, pension plans and other benefits.

In addressing the drivers at Petrojam’s loading rack on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, Minister Vaz said “I understand that 2013 was the last time you had a wage increase.  I also understand that there is a claim at the Ministry of Labour that has been ongoing for two years.  I spoke with the Permanent Secretary yesterday and she has promised to give me an update and she will be in touch with my Permanent Secretary at the Ministry.”

Minister Vaz reiterated his commitment to find positive solutions thus ensuring that there is harmony within the sector.  “I have heard your cry.  I am going to do the necessary consultations and we are going to have a working group going forward so that we can deal with these issues to ensure that the industry and especially your rights are protected.”

Tuesday’s meeting was the second in a series of meetings that Minister Vaz has been having with different players in the petroleum industry.  The Minister previously met with the Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees and other tanker drivers’ representatives and will be meeting with haulage contractors and marketing companies for further dialogue.

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