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Creating an effective selling strategy is essential in driving revenue for business operators, says Sales Expert and Entrepreneur, Stacey Campbell.

Speaking at the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Virtual Biz Zone held recently, Ms. Campbell advised that in building a selling strategy it is important to create a message that describes the value of the product or service to a target audience.

Businesses, she said, must identify the specific needs of the customer and how the purchase will be beneficial to them, thereby helping them to decide on the purchase.

“Build a powerful value proposition in your messaging. You have to create urgency to change; let your customer know that it is important to change now because of the benefits of your product. Jamaicans are storytellers… so when we are talking to prospective customers, you want to share why they need to purchase and what can happen as a result of the purchase,” she pointed out.

“You should also introduce unconsidered needs. What will make you different from your competitors is what the customer did not consider that they would need and what this product can fulfil,” she added.

Miss Campbell said that aligning marketing and sales is crucial.

“Whatever the marketing messaging is saying about the product, sales personnel must be reinforcing that message. In some companies, these are in two different departments and you find that one is saying one thing and the other is saying another; everyone must be on the same page. Marketing is building the story and sales is telling all about it,” she pointed out.

Miss Campbell noted that having a well-trained sales team is important and urged business operators to invest in hiring and training the right people.

“Create an ideal sales representative profile with the attributes or traits that you believe they will need to succeed, and develop a process to assess candidates’ traits and skills. Grade each candidate on how well they match the ideal sales rep profile,” she advised.

“Ensure that they have proper training regarding the product, messaging, selling style, because you have to equip them with the tools to be very successful,” she stressed.

The JBDC is the Government’s business development agency that assists in the sustainable creation and development of MSMEs in Jamaica.

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