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Community Relations Officer in the Ministry of Education, Charmaine Gooden-Monteith, has said that the education transformation process will ensure greater equity within the education sector, increased use of technologies, and full attendance to Grade 11.
Mrs. Gooden-Monteith, who was delivering the keynote address, at the opening of a computer laboratory at the Harmons All-Age School in Manchester recently, said that the Ministry, through the transformation process, will be placing greater emphasis on stakeholder partnership, where school administrators and communities are encouraged to pool talents and resources, thereby helping to produce a better education system and a better country.
This new profile of the education system, she said, will ensure that every Jamaican citizen embraces lifelong learning, is well-rounded, able to adjust to different situations, is responsible, and able to make wise decisions.
“It is all about each learner maximizing his/her potential in an enriching, learner-centred education environment with maximum use of learning technologies supported by committed, qualified, competent and effective professional educators and staff. This is not to say that much of what is outlined is not currently taking place, but the effort is to have it replicated, throughout the system because we must have a system that is accountable, performance-driven and produces full literacy and numeracy for a global and competitive workforce,” Mrs. Gooden-Monteith stated.
In the meantime, she called on the residents of Harmons to protect the computer laboratory, which was donated by One-By-One organization, an American Christian mission.
“The building and the computers that One-By-One has given are for the school and the community. As we encourage stakeholder partnership, the school and the community need to find ways to collaborate on how the community can benefit from the use of the computer laboratory. Maybe involving HEART/NTA would be a good idea where adults could receive computer training outside of school hours,” she suggested.

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