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Delegate of the Maryland House of Assembly, Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, has lauded the Jamaica Association of Maryland for 20 years of outstanding service to the American state.
Addressing the Association’s 20th anniversary banquet and awards ceremony at the Best West Hotel in Baltimore recently, Mrs. Pulliam said, “your organization has contributed immensely and has projected your country in such a way that you must commended.”
“Over the past 20 years, your organization has continued to highlight Jamaica,” she said, noting that, the organized trade and cultural exchange between Jamaica and Maryland have been beneficial.
Mrs. Nathan-Pulliam, who is a founding member of Jamaica Association of Maryland, encouraged Jamaicans living in the state of Maryland to get involved in the organization.
President of the Jamaican Association of Maryland, Rick Nugent, informed that the organization works to unite Jamaican nationals to support various projects in the island, and to assist in promoting and maintaining educational, cultural and social links between Jamaica and Maryland.
At the function, 17 founding members were awarded for 20 years of unbroken service, while students Christine Davis and Shannon Bogle were presented with the Claude McKay Scholarship Award.

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