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Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Christopher Tufton, on Wednesday (September 3), officially launched the National ‘Eat Yam’ Campaign, in Albert Town, Trelawny.
The campaign is aimed at encouraging and engendering greater consumption and appreciation of yam, and its value, by more Jamaicans, as well as augmenting the ‘Eat What We Grow, Grow What We Eat’ initiative.
Speaking to farmers in South Trelawny, during a tour of yam farms in the area, Dr. Tufton highlighted the benefits to be derived from consuming yam. The Minister also encouraged individuals to sample the tuber in the varying forms in which it can be utilised, noting that it can be used to make drinks, puddings, salads, and liqueur. He also highlighted South Trelawny’s significant input in the country’s overall yam production level.
“South Trelawny is the most appropriate place to come and talk about the value and the contributions of yam to the development of Jamaica, and the parish. I feel proud to be the first Minister to be here to share in this moment,” Dr. Tufton said.
He gave the undertaking of efforts, at ensuring that individuals at all levels of the society are enlightened on the different varieties of yam products and by products.
“I am going to arrange a yam day at Parliament, where we will be serving yam to the Members of Parliament, for them to get a taste of [it] in its various forms. We are going to be exposing this product to the international markets, as not just Jamaicans are asking about it. There is an interest and a curiosity, globally, about the value and secret of yam, and we must now move to take advantage of this great opportunity,” Minister Tufton stated.
He urged farmers across the country, and, in particular, those in Trelawny, to participate in the national registration drive, now being undertaken by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), to enable them to benefit from the initiatives being implemented by Government.