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e-Learning Jamaica Distributes Interactive Panels to High Schools

By: , November 20, 2023
e-Learning Jamaica Distributes Interactive Panels to High Schools
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The Full Story

Fifty-nine interactive panels have been distributed to multiple high schools islandwide by e-Learning Jamaica Company Limited.

The devices, which are touch-sensitive screens that allow users to interact with digital content in real time, were obtained at a cost of nearly $24 million.

“This procurement is part of our mandate to enable schools to continue to integrate and expand the use of technology in the teaching and learning experience,” e-Learning Jamaica Communications Manager, Kimona Gordon, said in a statement.

She emphasised that interactive panels have become an invaluable learning tool for teachers and students.

“With their ability to seamlessly integrate with educational software or learning platforms, they help teachers conduct engaging classroom sessions that capture students’ attention. Their intuitive interface and interactive features facilitate hands-on learning, supporting direct interaction of students with animated lessons and real-time collaboration through practice questions,” Ms. Gordon explained.

e-Learning Jamaica remains committed to supporting the academic community with much-needed resources to improve the teaching and learning experience.

The organisation is an agency of the Ministry of Science, Energy, Telecommunications and Transport.

It provides expertise in the management and implementation of innovative technology projects that support the improvement of national learning outcomes while encouraging information and communications technology (ICT) solutions.

Last Updated: November 20, 2023

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