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Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Christopher Tufton has said that more emphasis must be placed on the sector as a career for young persons.
Delivering the keynote address at the recent school leaving exercise of the Sydney Pagon Agricultural School in St. Elizabeth, Dr. Tufton said that the sector should be given more prominence by stakeholders, where school leavers would see it as important as other professions.
“We are blessed as a country to have training institutions such as the Sydney Pagon Agricultural School that, through successive administrations, has been promoting and instilling in our young people the importance of agriculture in the Jamaican economy. We have fertile lands and water, and with better attitude toward agriculture, and if the industry is given the kind of highlight that other industries are given, we can go much further in developing this sector,” the Minister argued.
He encouraged the students to build on the knowledge have they garnered at the institution, and that they should pursue further training to help the country deal with the world food crisis, and to equip themselves to work anywhere that their skills are in demand.
“Education is a process, it started at home where our parents taught us well, and as you enter a new chapter in your lives, always remember that the teachers here have prepared you to go on to higher education. They have equipped you with knowledge that can take you to success in building your country, and to develop your skills, so that you can work anywhere that your expertise is in demand. So, don’t sell yourselves short, work instead to be leaders of tomorrow,” the Minister charged.

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