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The Rotary Club of Santa Cruz has erected a clock tower in the town centre, in memory of Irving Hanson, who served the area as a Councillor for 25 years.
At the dedication ceremony, held on July 10 in the town, Assistant District Governor of the Rotary Club, Dr. Lynden Rose said the clock should be a reminder for all that the former Councillor represented.
“As we dedicate this tower, we do hope that it will stand as a symbol of service above self, co-operation, entrepreneuralship, peace and unity, because the man in whose memory it is erected stood for all of these,” Dr. Rose said.
Grand daughter of Mr. Hanson, Jacinth Hanson said she was pleased that an organization could have thought of her grandfather, “and erected a monument to remind generations to come of his work.”
“He stood for the people of this community, always having something to do for them. Through his activism, we have a library in the town, and while he was alive he advocated against victimization; in fact he saw only people and not what their personal preferences were,” Miss Hanson added. In his remarks, Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Audley Shaw commended the Rotary Club for remembering one who was more than a political representative.
“It is very important that we recognize contributions of persons who gave leadership in lifting up standards of community life, and Mr. Hanson’s work was more than political. He was a civic leader, a businessman and an outstanding citizen of this community, and as we celebrate his work, all are reminded to celebrate our successes of the past and the present, because if we don’t, we will be consumed by the abundance of negatives that surround us. So, I commend those that led the way in remembering this former community leader,” Mr. Shaw said.

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