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Major distributors and retailers of basic foods have today advised the Government that there are enough supplies in the island to provide the consuming public in the event of a disaster.
The reports were provided by representatives of the Disaster Management Sub-committee of the Distributive Trade group, which met with Minister of Commerce, Science and Technology, Hon. Phillip Paulwell and Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Roger Clarke.
The Distributive Trade Committee, which meets regularly with the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology, has indicated that at least one month’s supply of items such as flour, sugar, rice, canned products, as well as chicken are in the island.
Concerns were raised about the ability to distribute products to certain areas from stock piles in the capital Kingston, bearing in mind the damage to roads resulting from the effects of Hurricane Dennis, which passed the island last week.
Ministers Paulwell and Clarke assured distributors that the Government has made arrangements to hasten the clearance of blocked roads to keep disruptions in supply to a minimum.
Meanwhile, Minister Paulwell has given assurance that supplies and prices would be closely monitored by the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC), which has responsibility for consumer protection and advocacy.
The Minister has also said that there is an adequate supply of petrol in the island and that he has instructed Petrojam, the state owned oil refinery, to remain in operation for as long as possible today.

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