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    State Minister in the Ministry of Transport and Mining and Member of Parliament for St Elizabeth North West, Hon. J.C. Hutchinson opens the State of the Constituency Debate on September 21 in the House of Representatives.
    Photo: Rudranath Fraser

    A distribution hub, grading, packaging and cold storage facility will be established in the St. Elizabeth North West constituency, where farmers within the parish and surrounding areas will have an outlet for their agricultural produce.

    Member of Parliament for the area and State Minister in the Ministry of Transport and Mining, Hon. J.C Hutchinson, made the announcement as he opened the State of the Constituency debate in Parliament on September 21.

    “The items brought there will be sold to hotels, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, purveyors and higglers throughout the island. Some of the produce will be processed and channelled along the value chain. Nothing from the farmers’ fields will be wasted,” he said.

    “This facility will ultimately help to reduce the oversupply of produce in one area and scarcity in another by the formation of linkages,” Mr. Hutchinson added, noting that construction is expected to start in the fourth quarter of this financial year.

    He told the House that four rainwater harvesting projects are being pursued to allow farmers to maximise yields from their crops.

    He said that the Ginger Hill project, which is the most impactful, will provide water not only to farmers but for householders who do not have potable water.

    “This project has already started and is well under way,” Mr. Hutchinson said.

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