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Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, speaks in the House of Representatives on December 15.
Photo: Donald De La Haye

The Ministry of Tourism is in discussions with international airlines regarding the implementation of the Jamaica Cares insurance programme.

Speaking in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (December 15), Portfolio Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, said the programme is set to come on stream in the first quarter of 2021.

“Jamaica Cares… will position Jamaica as one of the most COVID-resilient countries in the world when it is launched. It is a groundbreaking travel protection and emergency services programme that provides visitors with the cost of medical care, evacuations, field rescue, case management and patient advocacy in all circumstances up to and including natural disasters,” Mr. Bartlett explained.

As it relates to COVID-19, the protection plan also covers testing for symptomatic travellers, quarantine/isolation in a medical facility or sanctioned quarantine facilities and evacuation, if necessary.

“This new framework will considerably lessen the burden on the local health system and ensure that Jamaicans are not deprived of well-needed health resources,” Mr. Bartlett pointed out.

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