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    Manager of the Manchester Parish Development Committee (MPDC), Sam Miller, has said that the organization has completed the development plan for the parish, which seeks to manage the local infrastructure.
    “The parish is rapidly developing and in partnership with the Parish Council, we are playing our part to ensure that the growth we are experiencing is sustainable. This growth will last and benefit future generations, if we have order and proper planning,” Mr. Miller told JIS News. He further noted that the plan is with the Parish Council, and expressed the hope that it would be approved by the end of April. The document, he said, contains corrective measures for the parking problems in the town of Mandeville, construction of a modern market, and marketing Manchester as the parish to gain valuable education. “We have a number of tertiary institutions and high schools in Manchester, and very soon Mandeville will be a university town. If all of these are pooled, and we tell the world of what we are offering in the area of education, I believe that it can be a great output in the parish’s economy,” Mr. Miller said.
    He told JIS News that members of the Committee envision a Manchester where all concerned would work responsibly and creatively in developing the parish. Mr. Miller explained that included in the plan are short and long term measures to be employed in relation to the use of water, land and other resources in the parish.

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