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Transport and Works Minister, Michael Henry on (Jan. 21) signed contracts totalling $11.9 million for the construction of a Bailey bridge at Doc’s Pass in Clarendon.
Work on the new bridge, which will replace the previous structure that sustained severe damage from flood rains, is scheduled to commence within seven days and completed in four months. Residents of Doc’s Pass/Quarry, Coffee Piece, Bryan’s Piece and surrounding communities, will benefit from the project.
Speaking at the signing ceremony held at his office in Kingston, Minister Henry said the project will entail construction of a 33-metre long single lane structure. “The scope of works entails the installation of 33 metal deck units; the installation of 44 load carrying panel units; the construction of approximately 70 metres of approach roadway topped with double asphalt surfacing, and the installation of guard rails and rock armor (boulder) protection to the existing abutments and approach roads,” he outlined.
The Minister challenged the contractor, Sean D. Construction Limited, to execute and complete the project on time and within budget, and to ensure that the bridge is of high quality. We want to ensure that what we give the taxpayers is satisfaction for their investment (dollars) and expenditure,” he added.
“We are (also) asking for the support of the residents in and around the construction area. I’m sure (that) I’m going to get the support of the Minister (of State, Transport and Works, Joseph Hibbert), and I’m sure he is going to ensure that the citizens are well aware of the progress (on the project) and how we proceed,” Mr. Henry said.
Mr. Hibbert, who has responsibility for roads and bridges, pointed out that there are upwards of 700 bridges, which have fallen into disrepair, adding that “we (at the Ministry) have a programme which, overtime, will address them. This (Doc’s Pass bridge project) is one such.”
He said that in due course, the Bailey bridge will be replaced with the normal reinforced concrete structure. “But, in the interim, this structure will certainly allow for the movement of traffic and for people to carry out their legitimate business in a safe way.”
He added that the Ministry’s officers will be monitoring the project to ensure that the work is executed in accordance with the specifications, terms, and conditions of the contract.
Member of Parliament for North West Clarendon, Michael Stern said the bridge will be a welcome relief to the residents, particularly farmers, who would be able to conveniently transport their produce to the markets.

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