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Executive Director of the Citizen Security Secretariat (CSS), Dianne McIntosh, says the Citizen Security Plan (CSP) will be supported by robust data collection.

“Data collection is very important. What we’ve had over the years is a silo approach to data collection. A more collaborative, standardised data-collection system will enable various ministries to pull information on specific communities,” she said in a recent interview with JIS News.

The CSP is a Ministry of National Security-led initiative aimed at improving citizen security in at-risk communities and is a key component of Plan Secure Jamaica (PSJ). It will support and build on the existing work that is being undertaken to improve citizen security.

“A robust data and delivery management model will provide a tailored multisectoral and community-centred approach to improving citizen security,” Ms. McIntosh said.

She shared that this response is anchored by the development of a Socio-demographic and Infrastructural Community Assessment Framework (SICAF), which forms part of the development of standards for the design, implementation, and coordination of social transformation programmes in Jamaica.

The SICAF is a data-driven instrument that assesses community needs and helps to determine how best state or privately provided resources may be allocated to address deficiencies identified.

Primary focus will be given to schools, parents, households and communities located in volatile geographic spaces.

A total of 100 communities will benefit from the transformation initiatives being implemented under the CSP and coordinated by the recently established CSS.

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