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Newly appointed State Minister in the Ministry of Health & Wellness, Hon. Juliet Cuthbert Flynn, says it will be an honour to serve in the Ministry.

“It is truly an honour to have this position. I have been in fitness all of my life promoting healthy lifestyles. What the Minister said to me is that it is a huge Ministry, and we know that from his presentation last year in Parliament, the policy direction is really to promote and to prevent,” Mrs. Cuthbert Flynn told JIS News in an interview following the swearing-in ceremony for nine Ministers of State, on September 14, to serve in the various Ministries.

They were sworn in at King’s House by Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, on the advice of Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness.

“Jamaica, with the different non-communicable diseases (NCDs), I think what we try to do is [push] the preventative methods and that’s why I believe Jamaica Moves was such a huge success and I think the Minister (Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton) will want to build on that,” the State Minister said.

Mrs. Cuthbert Flynn, an Olympian, also noted that she hopes to build on the focus of promoting healthy eating within schools.

“I like the direction where the Ministry is taking health and wellness, trying to get Jamaicans healthier. I think it’s very important that when you look at what is happening in Jamaica right now, even with COVID-19, looking at co-morbidities, that is one of the things that will help us to actually overcome not just in Jamaica, but worldwide,” she said.

“So, I think moving Jamaica to a healthier lifestyle is very important and it’s a good fit right now for me, for what I was doing; so I am here to support the Minister whichever way I can,” she added.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Cuthbert Flynn called for an increased push for physical education within schools.

“Back in my time, physical education was so important. I think we have stopped that somewhat, and a lot of our kids do not participate in sport or in physical education. So, we need to have more of a push with that,” she said.

Mrs. Cuthbert Flynn noted that she will be briefed today (September 15), by Dr. Tufton, on her areas of focus.



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