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Crime Stop paid out $8.3 million in rewards last year, according to the Economic and Social Survey Jamaica 2019, a publication of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ).

The Report notes that from the 1,050 calls received, 101 arrests were made, which included 28 for illegal possession of firearm, 17 for illegal gambling, 13 for murder, and 12 for lottery scamming.

An analysis of calls received showed that 302 were in relation to illegal firearm and ammunition, 224 for gunmen, 99 for wanted persons, 53 drug-related, 48 for murders, 27 for illegal activities, 24 for illegal gambling, 21 for stolen motor vehicles, and 19 for lottery scamming.

There were also 28 tips received via Internet sources. From information received, the following were seized or recovered: 55 illegal firearms and 2,289 rounds of ammunition, 1,850.7kg of cured marijuana, and two stolen motor vehicles.

The Report further notes that there was the discovery of 2.1 hectares of marijuana cultivation.

“The value of narcotics seized or discovered was approximately $25.8 million and the total value of property recovered was approximately $12.8 million,” the document states.

Since its inception in September 1989, Crime Stop has received 28,651 calls, of which 22,421 were investigated. This has led to 2,564 arrests (347 for murder), the seizure of narcotics valued just over $804.7 million and the recovery of property valued at approximately $253.6 million.

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