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The 51st annual international convention and the 37th annual general meeting of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU), is underway at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ocho Rios.
The convention, which began on June 29, is expected to last until July 2. It is being held under the theme: ‘One Unified Co-operative Sector for Competitive Advantage’.
Over the four days, participants will be engaged in various sessions which will seek to foster regional integration as well as provide professional development.
The programme schedule should see a number of keynote facilitators making presentations on topics such as, ‘Adopting a Good Governance Culture throughout the Co-operative Sector’, ‘Leadership Skills and Tactics to Enhance Directors’ and Managers’ Performance’ and ‘Managing the Credit Union Business’, among others.
President of the CCCU, Julian Jack has urged participants to grasp all that they can from the conference, as it promises to be very captivating and educational.
The CCCU was established on August 17, 1972 in Dominica as the successor of the West Indies Confederation of Credit Societies and serves as the apex trade and development organization for financial and non-financial co-operatives in the Caribbean.
It is an affiliate of the World Council of Credit Unions and represents the Caribbean Diaspora as part of the over 100 million members of the credit union sector.

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