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    Some $40 million has been provided through the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), to implement a new traffic system in downtown Montego Bay.
    Government Senator, Dennis Meadows noted that the plan calls for the introduction of one-way roads, traffic lights, and a traffic management system that will be automated and adjustable to various conditions.
    “This system will be in place within three months and will create an environment conducive to harmonious co-existence of vehicles and pedestrians,” Senator Meadows said during his contribution to the 2008/09 State of the Nation Debate in the Senate on Friday (June 27).
    The Senator pointed out that for a number of years, the tourism capital has suffered from major traffic congestion. This, he said, has served as a “hazard to both visitors and residents.”
    “There are delays for persons going to work and there are delays for visitors heading to attractions. This situation is not compatible with the new tourism that Jamaica is trying to develop,” Senator Meadows said.
    Meanwhile, the Senator argued that the private sector must embrace sustainable tourism, balancing economic gain with a healthy concern for people, culture, and the environment.
    “The entire country needs to be a part of building a genuine hospitality culture and fostering a commitment to high quality service, excellence at every level,” Senator Meadows said.

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