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Minister of State with Civic Responsibility in the Office of the Prime Minister, Shahine Robinson, has said that the Contractor General has given the assurance that all the money spent under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) will come under intense scrutiny.
“We do not intend to administer this programme under the modus operandi of the previous programme. We are committed to ensuring that the execution of this programme will guarantee the best value for taxpayers’ dollars,” Mrs. Robinson said.
The State Minister was making her contribution to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives yesterday (June 11).
Mrs. Robinson informed that project managers have been deployed in six designated regions across the country, with each having oversight responsibility for approximately 10 constituencies.
In addition, there are project officers on the ground working with Members of Parliament (MPs), community groups and all relevant stakeholders.
The State Minister also said that parliamentarians must begin to look at medium to long-term plans for their constituencies.
“By September this year, all MPs are required to submit a five-year development plan for their constituency. This plan must include a joint parish project that must fall within the realm of the Parish Development Plan where one exists,” Mrs Robinson said.
She said that each MP can use his/her allocation of $1.5 million annually to assist with administration of projects “which will impact the entire parish in a meaningful and significant manner.”
According to Mrs. Robinson, “the CDF is definitely the way forward for us as politicians to regain the trust and confidence of our people, who can now see promises become reality. It now places us in a position that our word can be our bond.”
She said it is in the best interest of MPs to ensure that “this programme works well as we will be .the facilitators of good governance, responsive government, transparent managers and true servants of the people.”
The CDF is an important people-centred development programme that makes available financial resources for MPs to execute social and economic programmes in their constituencies.

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