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The Information Systems Division of the Office of the Contractor General has implemented several in-house projects to ensure the effective use of technology in carrying out the operations of the Contractor General’s Department and the National Contracts Commission (NCC).
As set out in the Office’s annual report for 2005, which was tabled in the House of Representatives yesterday (July 25), there was continued maintenance and updating of information on its website as well as that of the NCC, and the procurement notice board.
This included the posting of: quarterly issues of update bulletins; monthly press releases of contracts endorsed by the NCC; daily updates of the list of registered works contractors; daily updates of the list of registered suppliers of goods and services; periodic updates of the list of registered grade five contractors; amendments to administrative forms; amendments to application forms; amendments to the government procurement procedures handbook; amendments to other information, such as the lists of government agencies, ministries and membership of sector committees.
Meanwhile, version two of the contracts management system was released with enhancements including modifications to existing programmes and additional programmes, to make the application more efficient. The system comprises three modules, each of which automates a core function of the office, and includes registration, contract endorsement, and contract monitoring.
In addition, the report said, enhancements were made to the inventory management system utilized by the finance and administration department providing categorization of items, list of items issued, list of items acquired and login and password security.
With several government agencies now adopting open-source alternatives to proprietary software, the Office of the Contractor General was designated by the Central Information Technology Office (CITO), as a pilot office in this initiative. “These open source software provide a more cost effective automated solution for common office functions,” the document stated.
The Office has made efforts to communicate with government agencies by: producing information CDs comprising electronic versions of the government procurement procedures handbook, contractors lists, presentations and other information; and maintaining a list of email addresses.

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