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The Technical Services Division of the Office of the Contractor General has reported a boost in its application turnaround in 2005 with the fulfillment of its mandate to expedite responses for all matters brought before the National Contracts Commission (NCC) within a 10-day period.
According to the Contractor General’s Report for the 2005 calendar year, which was tabled in the House of Representatives yesterday (July 25), “there has been a significant increase in applications” from work contractors, tradesmen and suppliers of goods and services.
This increase comes against the backdrop of the Office’s three-year thrust, which has centred on “establishing guidelines and procedures required for best practices in procurement.”
The report states that: “the Commissioners worked assiduously to ensure that procurement processes of contracts submitted by the Government entities were transparent and fair, and that value for money was obtained.”
On the matter of applications for contracts from suppliers of goods and services, the office reported that 1,900 applications were processed, a 19 per cent increase over 2004 when some 1,600 applications were handled.
There was an even larger increase in the number of works contracts (Grades One to Four) valuing between $4 million and $150 million issued last year, with a 40 per cent rise over the number of contractors, who had applied up to end of 2004.
Furthermore, in keeping with the thrust to review its contracts administration, there was a review of contracts to tradesmen (Grade Five contracts), which valued $250,000 and below. During the year therefore, only one per cent of applications for such contracts were awarded. The NCC reported to the Contractor General that the low number of applications received was responsible for the one per cent award rate.

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