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    Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is reminding business persons that Consumption Taxes for the month of September are due on Friday October 29, 2021, to include GCT, SCT, TCT and GART. This is in keeping with the requirement for these taxpayers to make their monthly Consumption Tax Returns and payments on the last working day of the month, after the end of the taxable period.

    Therefore, Consumption Taxes filed and paid after the last working day of the month, will be considered late and the necessary penalties and interest charges applied.

    Taxpayers are reminded that they have several payment options at their fingertips, online via www.jamaicatax.gov.jm, using a valid credit card or other payment products with credit card features, such as a Visa debit card. Scotiabank customers are also able to use Scotiabank’s electronic funds transfer via TAJ’s website, which allows users to make an ACH payment from their bank account, directly to TAJ’s bank account up to a maximum of $99,999,999.00, as well as via the National Commercial Bank’s online platform by adding TAJ as a payee. Persons may also opt to use the new Direct Funds Transfer process that allows them to make transfers from any commercial bank to TAJ’s bank account, and then generate their own receipt on the TAJ website.

    Additionally, all business persons registered to collect GCT are reminded that they MUST file their GCT Returns online via Tax Administration Jamaica’s online portal at www.jamaicatax.gov.jm. This means that GCT Returns for all categories of business persons MUST be filed using TAJ’s online facility, as these Returns will not be accepted at Tax Offices.

    TAJ is however reminding business persons that they can still get support to file GCT Returns online, as well as guidance to use any of the alternate payment channels, through its Customer Care Centre at 888-829- or by visiting the “How To” tab on the TAJ website www.jamaicatax.gov.jm.

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