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Companies are able to obtain a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) at the Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) upon the registration of a name.

The TCC, which is processed by Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), is an important document issued to an individual or company as proof that they are tax compliant and their payments of tax liabilities and wage-related statutory deductions are up to date.

The TCC, issued upon registration, is valid for three months. Once expired, the customer will have to engage TAJ.
Public Relations Officer, Kawain Fearon, told JIS News that the COJ has formed a partnership with TAJ and “has established a one-stop shop approach when registering a business and company”.

“Coming to the Companies Office of Jamaica you will get a TRN, you will get a TCC, so there is no more going to the TAJ to get those documents to come back to us for registration,” he explained, adding that with the one-stop approach, the COJ is also in partnership with TAJ, the National Housing Trust, National Insurance Scheme and the HEART/NSTA Trust.

“So, once you register at the Companies Office of Jamaica your information is shared with these different agencies, and that is how we now register those entities and are able to give them a number from our partnering agencies,” he said.

Previously, Mr. Fearon said that persons wishing to obtain a TCC were required to visit four different offices to complete the application process.

The Public Relations Officer said that the sharing of data between the entities has improved service delivery, adding that the one-stop process is designed to benefit customers by reducing travel expenses and waiting time.

“There is no additional costs to it, in terms of travel expenses and waiting for a day and all of those things. When you come to the Companies Office of Jamaica you will get those numbers as part of your registration package,” he said.

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