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Some members of Top Bellefield in Manchester were honored by the community’s Youth Club, for promoting agriculture, education and general kindness, at a special awards function, held on December 26 at the New Testament Church of God in the area.
Those honored were: Amy Tracey, Muriel Gordon, Lamice Simpson, the Bramwell family, Incilda Williamson, Jeffery Pomells, Clarence Simpson, and Jacqueline Osbourne.
They were given certificates and gifts as part of the appreciation shown by the community. Jean Millwood and Alice Lloyd were also recognized posthumously by the Youth Club.
President of the Youth Club, Ainsworth Watt, told the gathering that one of their objectives is to work together as a group to achieve social cohesion.
“What we do is bring everybody together, to represent the community and the country. By socializing, we share ideas and develop projects to uplift the community. We say thanks to those who have helped in the development of the community,” he said.
In his greetings, Pastor of the Top Bellefield New Testament Church of God, Karl Grant, said great things are in store for the young persons in the area, and he will be working with them to harness talent and to promote training and education.
“The young people of Top Bellefield are going to be elevated. If you understand young people, they can be steadied. You have to trust them, give them ideas, let them grow in confidence. Brute force and ignorance won’t lead this generation, we will have to adopt different ways by going side by side with them,” the Pastor said.
For her part, Mayor of Mandeville, Councillor Brenda Ramsey said the awardees were deserving of the recognition, as they have given their best to inspire the citizenry to achieve and realize their potential. “They are of humble means, they are not rich, but what they give is more that what many who have the means, have given,” she said.
“I am particularly pleased that the young people of this community are an integral part of what is happening. When you find a group that is willing to stick together and do something to uplift themselves and the community, we have to commend them,” the Mayor said.