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On Labour Day (May 23), residents of Meadowbrook Estate and Forest Hills Gardens in Kingston will work together to beautify their communities.
This combined effort is in keeping with the national Labour Day theme: ‘Honouring Our Ancestors. Strengthening Communities’.
Speaking with JIS News, Lilhan Davis, Public Relations Officer for the combined Citizens’ Association, said that, “we want to beautify the sides of the road leading to the community centre and trim the plants around the sports field (and) we will be installing a garbage disposal system in the community.”
She noted that the community is a large area and it was critical to keep it clean. The project is community-based, Miss Davis said, because most of the service clubs are concentrating on institutions.
Every year members from both communities work together on a Labour Day project based on the notion that, “what affects one affects the other,” Miss Davis said.
The Meadowbrook Estate and Forest Hills Gardens Citizens’ Association has registered its project with the National Labour Day Secretariat and is anticipating support to achieve its goals, while the residents have committed to playing their part by pooling their resources.

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