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A total of 12 projects have so far been registered with the Portland Labour Day Committee for Labour Day on May 23.
The activities, which include the building of bus sheds, painting of schools, paving of roads and construction of play areas, are in addition to the parish project, which is the cleaning and beautification of public cemeteries in Port Antonio and Buff Bay.
Fay Neufville, Secretary/Manager of the Portland Parish Council, told JIS News that Labour Day Committee is making every effort to ensure that the projects are successful and is working closely with the communities that have registered projects.
She informed that the committee is seeking assistance from public and private sector agencies to carry out the projects, noting that the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) has already contributed to the effort.
Mrs. Neufville said she is anticipating a successful Labour Day in the parish and expressed confidence that the strong enthusiasm of previous years will again be evident this year.
She made a special appeal for relatives of persons buried in the Port Antonio and Buff Bay cemeteries to participate in the parish project.
Labour Day 2007 is being observed under the theme: ‘Honouring our ancestors, Strengthening our communities’ in recognition of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the trans-Atlantic trade in enslaved Africans.
The refurbishing of the Bath Botanical Gardens in St. Thomas is the national project.

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