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The Transport Authority (TA) is inviting operators of commercial and public passenger vehicles (PPV) to take advantage of its strategic compliance initiative, dubbed ‘Petra’s Tent’, which is currently making its way across the island.

In an interview with JIS News, Corporate Communications Manager at the Transport Authority, Petra-Kene Williams, pointed out that the initiative, which has been gaining traction on the ground, will be targeting communities in St. Thomas and Kingston and St. Andrew during the month of July.

The Petra’s Tent initiative began in 2016 and the team has been able to interact with the community and learn about and address the challenges that some persons have with accessing TA services.

The team will also be demonstrating the online application system, so that persons may become more familiar with the system.

On Wednesday, July 14, Petra’s Tent will be at Chandos Place in Papine Square; on July 21, at the Chancery Street bus park and terminus in the Meadowbrook area, and on June 28 operators from St. Thomas will have an opportunity to benefit from the initiative at the bus bark on Church Street in Morant Bay.

Miss Williams pointed out that application for the PPV operator’s badge is a new service that has been added to the offerings of Petra’s Tent and outlined the process.

“If an operator would like to apply for a badge, there are some documents that you need to take along. We ask that you bring passport-sized photographs, certified within the last six months; two recommendations, which can come either from a Superintendent of Police, Inspector of Police, Minister of Religion, Justice of the Peace or a Principal,” she said.

The Corporate Communications Manager said that a copy of both sides of the operator’s driver’s licence will be required, “because we want to be sure that you are approved to drive a PPV and, of course, we need to see the expiration date and a copy of the Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)”.

Miss Williams added that for renewal applications, operators may get a recommendation from the President of their route taxi association or a Justice of the Peace.

“Persons will also need proof of address and the police record. If you do not have the original police record with you, that’s fine, but you should bring along with you your receipt, demonstrating payment for the police record,” she said.

Miss Williams said that the Authority understands that there may be delays in receiving the police record, based on the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, but added that the TA team will begin the processing with the receipts from the police records department.

She indicated that once those documents are taken to the team at Petra’s Tent, they will be able to complete the application on spot and take the photograph for the badge. The operator will then be able to collect his or her badge at the TA Office.

Miss Williams is extending an invitation to commuters to stop by Petra’s Tent to learn about the TA’s services as well.

She is also reminding operators of commercial vehicles that they may submit applications for commercial carrier’s licence at the location as well.

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