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Minister of Commerce, Science and Technology, Phillip Paulwell has emphasized the importance of energy conservation.
He was speaking during a visit to the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) Auditorium on Tuesday (Oct. 25) to view the display, which has been mounted for the month of October, in observation of Energy Conservation Month. The Minister pointed out that consumers would soon be flooded with messages on Energy Usage and Conservation.
This, he said, was in an effort to “convince Jamaica that the approach to greater energy efficiency and conservation will enable them to save significantly in the long run.”
The PCJ’s Energy Efficiency Unit staged the exhibition as part of its ongoing public education campaign on energy conservation and targets residential consumers, commercial and small businesses, as well as industrial and public sectors.
Several energy suppliers showcased their products at the exhibition including: Econergy Engineering Services, Automatic Control Engineering Ltd., Isratech Jamaica Ltd., and the Scientific Research Council.
The Minister outlined that the various devices on display were part of the “scientific approach that has been adopted to aid in energy conservation.”
Solar water heaters, compact fluorescent lamps, occupancy sensors, and variable speed drive, which reduces the energy consumption of any motor driven load, were some of the energy conservation devices on display.
The Government of Jamaica has been concerned about energy conservation since the oil embargo in the mid-1970s, which led to the first energy crisis. Since that time energy conservation has been promoted and practised as an official government policy, and alternative energy sources such as wind, solar energy, mini-hydro and biogas have been introduced.
Also in attendance at the exhibition were Chairman of PETCOM, Barbara Clarke; Group Managing Director of the PCJ, Dr. Raymond Wright; Managing Director of PETROJAM, Winston Watson; Executive Director of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica, Dr. Omer Thomas and students from St. Anne’s and Denham Town High schools.

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