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The Clarendon Health Department is urging residents to treat all drinking water as the island recovers from flooding caused by rains associated with the recent passage of Hurricane Wilma.
In a JIS News update Parish Manager for the Health Department, Michael Bent said although a national advisory has been issued by the Ministry of Health to treat all drinking water, he wanted to emphasize that it was necessary to do so.
“We have had several reports from our water treatment inspectors in the Public Health Department that there are several communities where the water systems have been affected by the recent heavy rains and it is in this context that we are asking residents to take particular care in the preparation and consumption of drinking water,” he said.
The communities affected include, Rock River, Tanarky, Gordon Wood, Palm River, WoodHall, Ennis, Suttons, Turners, Four Paths, Post Road, Chapelton, Longville, New Road, New Ground, Peterkin, Summerfield, Rose Hill, Sangster’s Heights, Palmetto Pen, Rosewell, Sandy Bay, Green Park, Free Town, Green Bottom, Breadnut Bottom, Palmers Cross, Kennedy Run, Chatteau, Toby Heights, Hartwell Gardens, Lionel Town, and Rocky Settlement.
Mr. Bent pointed out that after hurricanes or excessive rains, water systems were usually affected and if water was not properly treated this could cause outbreaks of gastroenteritis and diarrhoea.
“We want to advise Clarendon residents especially that it is important to treat the water until the Ministry of Health puts out another advisory that it is safe to stop,” he added.
To treat, water should be boiled or two drops of bleach added to 1.2 litres (one quart) of water.
He also mentioned that parents are being asked to keep their children from playing in or near large bodies of water, and that citizens were being asked not to keep containers around the yard with water as this would breed mosquitoes.
“We’re asking persons to drain water from old tyres, cans, vases, and such things and to dispose of these in the proper receptacles,” he said.

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