JIS News

The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is reporting that clean-up of debris on the main thoroughfares will be completed in another week.
Community Relations Manager, Michael Richards, told JIS News that although much progress had been made in the clean-up of the island in the wake of Hurricane Dean, the agency was not yet ready to move into communities.
“The challenges that we have are a lack of trucks and in some areas, where we have completed clean-up, when you drive back there the next day, you would not believe that we were there, especially those main roads that have roads off them where residents live.because they bring out their garbage from the side streets and put it back on the main road,” he lamented. “It is a serious challenge that we have been facing,” he added.
Despite these challenges, Mr. Richards noted that the agency had received a number of calls commending it for the work done so far to clean-up the island.

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