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The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is appealing for operators of compactor units to assist in the regular collection of garbage.
“The challenge right now is with the regular garbage. That has been proving a little heavy for us, because we have lost quite a few of our compactors,” Community Relations Manager, Michael Richards told JIS News.
“Up to two days ago, we had 29 units down in the system, so we have to be asking [for help],” he stressed.
Explaining the impact this has had on garbage collection, Mr. Richards said that the compactor operators have been very slow in coming and as a result, “the collection of regular garbage has been very slow in the Corporate Area and of course residents have not been happy about that.”
He said further that the agency would endeavour to do its best to rectify the situation. “Hopefully by this weekend, we will have done a lot to appease our residents, who have been bombarding us with calls every day about it. We know that it is a bad situation and we are working very hard on it,” he assured.
The Community Relations Manager is hoping that the response would be as positive as that which followed the appeal for owners of tipper trucks to assist with the pick up of debris in the aftermath of Hurricane Dean on August 19. “We have done fairly well with the appeal for tipper trucks that we needed earlier,” he reported.
While not giving a date as to when garbage collection would return to normalcy, Mr. Richards explained that, “we have to clear up the backlog first and we are expecting that to be done in another week, and hopefully by that time, some normalcy will return.” “Obviously we have to get the trucks that are down on the road, which we are working on, and that will take some days to do,” he continued.
In the meantime, he urged residents who are approached for payment to pick up regular garbage by any contractor to record the licence plate of the truck and give the information to the NSWMA.
“No resident should pay any money to anybody for the pick up of their regular household garbage. We [NSWMA] do not condone that at all,” he stressed.The public is also reminded not to mix debris and garbage as they are transported and dumped in separate areas.

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